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Why we love a Walk-In Pantry

Create a place for everything

Why we love a Walk-In Pantry

Pantry. We looked it up in the dictionary and the definition was a bit dull. We think it should include ‘organised heaven’.

Since we’ve all been spending so much more time at home, there’s been a clear shift in design requests … with less interest in completely open plan. Instead we’re seeing a return to having some enclosed spaces, rooms with different purposes, including walk-in pantries.

We can learn a lot from looking at how the old masters used to make kitchens and larders in Country Houses. The 17th-century Grade I listed Petworth House in the South Downs is always inspiring - the landscaping, the fine art, the wood carvings. But for us it’s also interesting to consider the materials, proportions and styles used in the kitchen, dairy, scullery, and larder. Traditionally at Petworth the larder was supplied with ice to keep food like pies and fish cool. Cleverly the dairy room is partly underground to help keep temperatures down, with slate surfaces which could even keep ice-cream cold.

The original design for our Dene Kitchen didn’t have this walk-in pantry. It was an idea that developed to answer the brief - to provide customised storage so that everything has a place, in order to help the owners keep their main kitchen area tidy. Although having lots of space does help, kitchens don’t have to be in hugely grand proportions to allow for a walk-in pantry. This pantry was made possible at the design stage by pinching a bit of space from the garage and utility.

The beauty of a modern pantry…

Organisation is a key benefit, having all your food stored in one place is so much more efficient than spread between lots of smaller cupboards in the main kitchen space. There’s the option for maximum storage with full height and wall-to-wall cabinetry or shelving. There’s also the opportunity to create a place for everything; all the kitchen miscellany - juicers, blenders and mixers.

It keeps all the clutter out of sight and provides a place out of sight to defrost dinner and prepare food. The result is that it’s easier to keep the kitchen tidy; so the kitchen can be for family living - for homework, cooking, enjoying, relaxing, entertaining.

What to include?

There are lots of pieces you might consider incorporating into your walk-in pantry:

  • An oversized fridge freezer. You might choose to have bigger appliances here because it doesn’t impact on the ‘look’ of the open part of the kitchen.
  • Wide cupboards with plenty of shelving for dry food storage
  • Deep cabinets for your large casserole dishes, bakeware, flan dishes and small appliances
  • A prep sink for washing your fresh produce
  • Plenty of worktop space for preparing food and stacking dirty dishes
  • Bins
  • A dishwasher (or two)
  • Drawers for baking paper, clips etc

Architectural considerations

If you can, having a walk-in pantry built partly underground, on an outside wall, ideally north facing; would all help keep the temperature down.

Incorporating a window is important in a butler’s pantry if you’re going to be using it for preparing as well as storing food. This design included a Velux window - which they say brings in twice as much light compared to a vertical window. And of course, if you’re strong cheese lover a window is a good idea for ventilation. You may want to consider having a traditional window with an integrated fly screen.


The style options are almost limitless. The pantry featured here has a timeless look, classic, organised efficient and fabulous. The dark shaker cabinetry contrasts beautifully with the white worktop and ceramic sink. And the Oak shelf above the sink brings the warmth as well as providing that special space for favourite pieces and decoration.

We are designers and makers. Our purpose is to design and create elegant, organised and happy spaces. If you would like to arrange to talk to us about making your bespoke kitchen, please get in touch at the workshop on 01483 202143. We’d be happy to talk through options to make something really special for your family.

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