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Owning a Handcrafted Bespoke Shere Kitchen

Be inspired. Flex your imagination. Because commissioning a Shere Kitchen is a joy, from start to finish.


Every Shere Kitchen is unique - a bespoke design handmade to your specification in high quality materials. We work with you to create a kitchen design that is inspirational and practical. Your Shere Kitchen will be personalised to work perfectly for you to reflect your individual desires and requirements - your lifestyle, your family, your space.

We handcraft your kitchen furniture in our Shere Kitchens workshop to make sure it fits your unique space perfectly. We can create any style of kitchen, larder cupboard, pantry or island unit to your bespoke dimensions.

We don't have ranges, as our kitchens are truly bespoke. Our portfolio will show you some of the beautiful Shere Kitchens our clients are enjoying.


A Shere Kitchen is built to last - handcrafted and adaptable to match your requirements over time.

Creating your kitchen is the start of a relationship. As your requirements change over time we can work with you to help your kitchen evolve with you and your family. We make everything ourselves, so we can add to your kitchen in future. If you extend your home, we can help you to reconfigure your kitchen furniture to fit your new space. Islands and Larders are popular additions.

Your kitchen will often be the heart of your home. Over time, bumps and knocks can happen. Our kitchens are extremely tough, but if something needs repair we will be on hand to fix it.


Commissioning a new kitchen is a big commitment, so working with someone you trust is vitally important. We guarantee to make the process of improving your living space a real pleasure from start to finish.

We take a great deal of pride in our kitchens. Success for us is about providing you with a kitchen that you will feel as passionate about as we do.


Just as every Shere Kitchen is one of a kind, each journey that creates it is different. Don't worry if you're not sure exactly what you want. We are skilled at translating your ideas into an inspiring and practical design with personalised features to make your kitchen unique.

Our usual approach is to start the journey in your existing kitchen, where we assess your unique space and discuss ideas and requirements. Or you may prefer the experience of visiting our workshop in Shere where you can see our craftsmen at work. Here you can inspect the lasting quality and beauty of our handmade kitchens up close while discussing the choices that will create your truly bespoke kitchen.

We are here to listen to your ideas and make suggestions to create a Shere Kitchen which is inspired, practical and made just for you.

At Shere Kitchens, we have a passion for inspirational design and a desire for perfection


Mike from Shere Kitchens - beautiful kitchens handmade in Shere Guildford Surrey
Andy from Shere Kitchens - beautiful kitchens handmade in Shere Guildford Surrey
Ella from Shere Kitchens - beautiful kitchens handmade in Shere Guildford Surrey

We are a dynamic team focused on making bespoke handmade wood kitchens at our workshop in Shere near Guildford, Surrey. We have been friends since childhood and share a love of natural materials, fine craftsmanship, luxury design and timeless furniture.

Shere Kitchens is one of just a few outstanding Surrey organisations to be awarded The Gold Trade Mark Surrey Hills.

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