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Kitchen drawers

Simplifying storage

Kitchen drawers

When we were growing up it was pretty common for kitchens to be made up of wall cupboards and base cupboards. There might have been two or three drawers in the whole kitchen. One for cutlery, a second for utensils and in our house the third was for ‘bits and bobs’ like appliance manuals, batteries (old and new mixed up), a screwdriver, elastic bands and odd things from Christmas crackers.

These days we are asked for more and more drawers. This kitchen features 24 drawers. There are 15 drawers in the Island, the pantry has three, the breakfast cupboard has three and there’s another bank of three by the hob.

We do love a good old fashioned handmade cupboard, but what are the benefits of drawers?

Access everything

Drawers give you easy access to absolutely everything. As you pull out the drawer you can see all your food / bakeware / pots and pans at a glance. Nothing gets forgotten and you do not have to bend and twist to reach things like heavy cast iron pans.

Be organised

Customised drawers were top of the priority list for this busy family because being neat and well-ordered makes life easier. It is really easy to customise drawers to store lots of kitchen items methodically. For example, drawers can be divided to hold pans and pan lids separately using a drawer within a drawer. The drawers in this kitchen hold everything from bakeware to glasses, plates, bowls, tins, snacks, tea, coffee and even cups and mugs.

This kitchen was custom made by our cabinet makers at our workshop in Shere near Guildford. Click here to see more of this kitchen.

We make kitchens to suit you and your property. If you’d like to know more, please do contact Ella via enquiries@sherekitchens.co.uk

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