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All-white kitchen renovation

How to make it work

All-white kitchen renovation

The kitchen takes centre stage in our homes these days – a place not just to cook but also to work, play & relax with friends & family. The atmosphere needs to be just right. Colours impact on how you feel, so choosing the colour palette is fundamental to your overall design creating the right mood for you. ‘Psychology of Colour’ by the paint specialists Benjamin Moore highlights four colour groups to consider: pale, neutrals, whites & deeps:

Light & airy pale colours are uplifting. Earthy neutrals bring the grounding element. Whites, can be reassuring by bringing a pure & simple backdrop. While the deep colours generate the personality, the drama, the richness.

Some people find whites uninspiring or cold, but when whites are used thoughtfully and paired with other elements, they can actually create a positive, welcoming & warm space for a busy household.

How to make white work…

Let’s start with the story behind this kitchen. The inspiration for the colour palette was the owner’s South African heritage…their childhood spent enjoying the sunshine on the beach. Having relocated to the UK they embarked upon renovating their house to make it their forever family home. Their longing for light & warmth was at the heart of their design choices.

The architecture is important in this airy space. The aim of the open plan L shape extension was to create a connected, bright, inviting kitchen / living area for this family of five to grow up in. The architects included a vaulted ceiling to add height & drama, with bold charcoal framed windows, oversized sliding glazed doors & rooflights to let in as much light as possible.

The timeless handmade cabinetry is painted in a matte soft shell white – a little reminder for the owners of those blissful beach days. A touch blush pink, a hint of grey, it’s simple & timeless and helps the cabinetry to look perfectly at home in this spacious extension. The Shaker style is neat & the interiors of the cabinets have been custom made to offer a place for everything. The clean soft white matches the style of the families organised happiness perfectly.

The worktop is an ivory quartz, Frosty Carrina by Caesarstone. The light veining detail gives that natural feel like marble and lifts the colour to make it more luxurious. It isn’t demanding for attention, it melts into the design, and because it’s polished it reflects the light all around.

Now what can we add to balance it all out so that it’s not cold?

Natural wood elements help to bring that grounding feeling. Oak is well known for it’s strength and it offers a sense of refinement as well as the stunning rich colour. The insides of the cabinetry, wooden stools, as well as the custom-made chopping boards & trays all add organic texture. Beautiful Oak flooring is used throughout; the patterns in the grain softens the look and warms the overall palette.

Charcoal and near black window frames, pendant lights and appliances create the deep accents whilst also keeping this classic kitchen more current. As well as framing the light, the views of the sky & garden, these stronger pieces add the drama, the personality.

Glass is also a great supporter in white schemes. By including a large amount of glass in the design, it connects the family to their beautiful English garden with mature trees that provide privacy, as well as drawing in to the home all the colours & good vibes from nature – greens, yellows & deep pinks.

Home life in this dream kitchen is about family, friends & BBQs, homework, learning to bake and growing little seedlings on the side of the sink. To feel their best, they wanted to create a space with light & warmth. The white palette provides the blank canvas, and by enhancing the light all year round it creates the calming, bright space for this busy family to enjoy life in their home. This is their dream kitchen.

To see more photos of this kitchen, go to The Ilanga Kitchen (named by our clients as it means sunshine in Zulu.)

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