Shere Kitchens support conservation in the Surrey Hills


By working with us your kitchen is designed and made to last, so sustainability is at the core. We’re also committed to replanting trees and using off-cuts in our conservation projects.

Shere Company Presented with Gold Surrey Hills Award by The High Sherriff of Surrey

Shere craftsmen who bring kitchen dreams to life have won a gold award from Surrey Hills Enterprises at this year’s presentation ceremony.

The Gold Trade Mark Surrey Hills was awarded to Shere Kitchens and to Clandon Wood Nature Reserve. The Award recognises their collaboration and active support for nature conservation connecting two populations of the rare butterfly.

The High Sheriff of Surrey, Mr Jim Glover, presented the Gold Awards to Ella Driscoll of Shere Kitchens and Simon Ferrar from Clandon Wood Nature Reserve

Gold Surrey Hills Award to Shere Kitchens

Photo credit : Luke Whatley-Bigg

Gold Surrey Hills Award to Shere Kitchens
Shere Kitchens Butterfly Gold Surrey Hills Award
Shere Kitchens Butterfly Gold Surrey Hills Award

Photo credit : Jamie Burston, Butterfly Conservation

Conservation Collaboration

Shere Kitchens view sustainability and appreciation for the local environment high among their values, as illustrated by the variety of conservation initiatives they are undertaking.

Shere Kitchens received the Trade Mark Surrey Hills award in 2018. The prestigious accreditation celebrates those organisations that reflect and support the distinct and special nature of the Surrey Hills and who share the values of supporting the local environment.

There are two small isolated colonies of the Hairstreak at the Clandon Wood nature reserve and the aim is to plant more elms so that the butterfly colonies will be able to join up and expand.

The team have pledged to plant a disease resistant elm tree for every bespoke kitchen that they make until the trees create a corridor of stepping stones between the colonies.

Saving The White-Letter Hairstreak One Kitchen at a Time

Shere Kitchens Tree Planting Gold Surrey Hills Award
Shere Kitchens High Sheriff Gold Surrey Hills Award

Four special elm trees were planted at the Clandon Woods Nature Reserve on Monday November 26 by a team of Shere craftsmen, to help provide a wildlife corridor for the endangered White-Letter Hairstreak butterfly.

The White-Letter Hairstreak was once a common butterfly when England’s woods and hedgerows abounded in elms, but when Dutch Elm Disease struck, it did not just destroy the trees. It put this butterfly in danger of extinction as its whole life cycle revolves around elms.

Surrey High Sheriff Dr Jim Glover wielded a spade to help plant the first tree.

He said “It’s wonderful to see a local company so aware of the beautiful Surrey Hills environment that they are so fortunate to be working in. This is a real gift to the community. Businesses need to be willing give something back, as Shere Kitchens are doing here.”