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Press Release 16th July 2018

The Trade Mark Surrey Hills

Surrey Hills Trademark

Surrey based Shere Kitchens - a truly bespoke kitchen maker - has earned its first accreditation having recently been awarded The Trade Mark Surrey Hills, a mark of local provenance and quality. Local childhood friends, Andy Driscoll, Mike Hill and Ella Driscoll recently realised a long-held dream of combining a love of beautiful design, natural materials and a desire for fine craftsmanship to set up a business offering luxury kitchens.

The prestigious award celebrates those organisations that reflect and support the distinct and special nature of the Surrey Hills and who share the values of supporting the local environment. Wendy Varcoe, Executive Director of Surrey Hills Enterprises says; “The Trade Mark Surrey Hills promotes the best of what Surrey has to offer. The stand out factor in Shere Kitchen’s award is the combination of high quality bespoke service, the custom-made kitchens and sustainably sourced wood suppliers and their commitment to supporting their local environment. These are winning factors and we congratulate Shere Kitchens on their award.”

Ella Driscoll at Shere Kitchens said: “We all grew up in the area and have a deep love of the Surrey Hills landscape. We also enjoy working with other local artists, such as stained glass artists, ironmongers, as well as architects, builders and bespoke lighting specialists. We enjoy being part of a talented hub of Surrey makers who inspire us and share our passion for beautiful design and craftsmanship.”

Shere Kitchens designs are completely tailor made from start to finish. Andy Driscoll at Shere Kitchens, says; “We combine our knowledge of furniture making, kitchen design and building knowledge to help our clients make the most of their space, to create a stunning kitchen which works beautifully for both family day-to-day living and for entertaining. We love to work with our customers to make their cabinetry classic yet unique. Our cabinetry is distinctive and personalised as well as exceptionally made.”

20 years’ experience of cabinetry and joinery and working on local restorations for Surrey Hills Grade I and II listed homes, including Albury Estate, has led this small, dedicated team to build a strong reputation for workmanship and attention to detail in the Surrey Hills. Local well-known Surrey artist and contemporary designer – Elaine Campling – has worked with many interior designers and architects. She comments; “I had a client with exceptional taste who lives in a beautiful manor house in Surrey. I commissioned Andy to make a few bespoke contemporary items of furniture. Andy provided exactly what I wanted and my client was very happy. He is very hands on and he just gets it – he is extremely competent and very passionate about what he does. I have always found him to be highly capable, nothing is a problem. Andy is one of the nicest people I have ever commissioned work to. I have worked with many high-end manufacturers and Andy stands out - he is not only very good face to face but he also delivers excellent results.”

It is well worth visiting Shere Kitchens, nestled in the idyllic village of Shere just outside of Guildford, to meet the team, to see some of their cabinetry - the dovetail joints, their solid bespoke Oak worktops, the stunning grains in the wood, and a grand larder cupboard with handwoven vegetable baskets and marble shelf. All the little details they think of make these kitchen makers one of a kind.